It is used in universities such as Bahçe Şehir University, Yıldız Technique University, and Hacettepe Unversty. It is strictly forbidden and avoided in MEB schools. Teachers are afraid of the program. It is really looks like real life. One can get an avatar and download application to computer. Choosing avatar is the first step to start to Second life. Then one choose a user name or link profile with Facebook account. It was being used in Harvard University in 2006. It should be used in our schools. A real media document can be transferred into our Second life. If we want to apply it in our classes, we should create a classroom and we can give our lesson through presentation. As most applications of Second life, it was difficult for us to create our account correctly.

We can search people and create groups in our Second life and live another life there. We can create places and visit places around the world. I dowloaded it when I was at school but I learned it requires limitless internet connection. Therefore I couldn’t play the game in my room.


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