Standard is a source of online stories. One can find original stories, short stories, fairytales, etc. in this site. It mostly used to download stories for young learners. There are a great number of stories. When a teacher wants to listen a story in her class, she can download record of a story from storynory and if she likes she can add some scenes this story in Movie Maker. When she comes to the class she both listens the story and watches its scenes. One also can find stories in British Council’s LearnEnglishKids site. This site requires to get an account. is an online medium to prepare an e-book. When you log in the site you come across with a page like a Power Point page. There is props section to select and decide on scenes, to add photos and to add text to the book. When you complete your book and want to share it with your students, you can click publish button and download your book in exchange for a minuscule price. is an online simple and funny film making program. Its use is so simple. There are directions showing you the way. You should just follow the path that given by the program. It serves you characters, scenes and music. You should select one of the characters and others among given options. As it simple to use you can create stories in classroom with your students. If you want to make your story last a little more you can add new scenes to your story. If you want to save your movie in your own computer, you should send it in an email to your gmail account and download it from there.


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