Enough Tips on Teaching “Too” and “Enough”


English with Jennifer

Every grammar book series has at least one chapter on “too” and “enough”. What practices and activities do you like to use in addition to what is provided in the textbook? Here are some ideas for the next time you must cover this topic:

  • Presentation: To introduce the topic, model a few problems and ask students to identify each one. See if any of them can already use “too” or “enough”. If they do, repeat their comments to emphasize the grammar in context. If they don’t, reword their comments to contextualize “too” and “enough”. For example, write today’s date on the board in very small letters and ask if everyone can read the date. “Oh, you can’t? Why not? …Yes, I agree. It’s too small. The letters aren’t big enough to read.” Other problems to model: You can’t drink your coffee because it’s too hot. You tell the class about something you…

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