Today was the day of online conference tools: WİZİQ, Google Hangouts and Google Plus. First of all, WizIQ is an online learning platform. The site is designed to help students and teachers find each other, and to provide an online virtual classroom learning environment. Teacher can create a course and share PPT, PDF, or Word documents with students. All attendees can be seen on a table in teacher page. Attendees can ask any question during the lesson or can add their comments to the lesson. If you want to attend a course you should just write course name in the search part and click to search button. To create a course teacher selects ‘create course’ option. To add more detail about your course there are options to take a glance. There is a disadvantage of this site. If you don’t use a premium account your class size will be ten attendees maximum. If teacher don’t want his students to do something different during his lesson, he doesn’t open site for students’ use. When teacher open white board to the students, the students write to the board simultaneously. Students communicate with each other and with the teacher at the same time in chat part of the site. This site can be used by us when we are preparing our group projects. There is no need to get together in a mutual place. Create a class, join there and discuss all together. There is a microphone option in the site. Teacher can open a microphone to the attendees and they communicate speaking.

Google Hangouts and Google Plus work with Gmail. They are like a Facebook account. In addition to Facebook options these supply video call option to their users. A teacher can create a classroom via this video call. Teacher creates a topic, shares its link with students and want them to join in the video call. These also allow limited number of attendees at once. Mobile application of those are available on Google Play Store.



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