First topic of today’s lesson was Nicenet.


Nicenet is not useful like Edmodo. It shows statics about how many people used it recently. USA arranges conferences and attendees should follow on Nicenet. That is why we are covering this topic today. Teacher creates a class, invite students to this class. When students attend the class, teacher can share a topic and want her students to work on this topic. There are options such as Class Schedule, Documents, and Class Roster, etc. Teacher can set a class schedule for students. Students should know class key to enter created classes.


Secondly talked topic was Dokeos.

1340766884230 85776_Dokeos



Not a good beginning to explain but Dokeos is not a reliable software. If you are using its free version your files are not in secure. Because administrators may change interface of medium. Therefore, your files may be deleted. MEB makes using software like Dokeos obligatory to enter students’ marks, etc. It can be gotten freely and changed by you. You can add your Dokeos account to your account. Report part shows students’ scores, progress, and assignments. Evaluation of students is easy by the help of this app.


Edmodo: Our task collection


When creating a teacher account, one can create groups for students. To invite students it supplies a link and a group code. Teacher can share those with students and want to attend groups. Teacher can create small groups under head of created groups enabling limited number of students. Teacher can share assignments, alerts, or notifications with students. When creating an assignment teacher decide a deadline and students are asked to submit their works before this date. Teacher can follow students’ progress.


A newly discovered presentation device:

prezi_horizontal prezi-menu


Prezi can be used as an alternative for Power Point. Creators use only one page. You can use parts of this page. You can draw a path way to follow while doing presentation. It is difficult to explain now Prezi at the moment. While using to create presentation one can discover different aspects of it. It can be used creatively. Prezi can be downloaded as pdf. If there is a mistake on pdf version of your Prezi, you should edit your presentation online and download again.  So you should be careful about your presentation and its correctness.


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