Online Communities of Practice


These kind of communities are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it attending regularly. People attend these kind of groups and learning takes place by participating.

The first kind of communities that we mentioned today was Webhead. It is a community of online language teachers and learners who have been meeting in various cyber-venues since 1998. Three friends started to communicate on this group on language learning and teaching field. They decided on a mutual day to participate and they met on that date. People always share what they have. Members of this group get together on their meeting dates and discuss about a topic on language learning. They attend seminars or conferences together. To become a member of this group one should have a Yahoo account.  Today, there are online conferences on that medium. It is an active group now. Members of it get a lot of mails from this group.

The second focus of this lesson was Dropbox. It stores our files on internet and gives chance to share their links whenever it is necessary. It makes use of flash disks unnecessary. It is a big ease to save files and edit them. After editing a file Dropbox uploads and saves it. A file can be used mutually and when a file is shared each person can work on it and can change it then Dropbox saves it. If one have Dropbox, whatever he/she has on their pc are in safe by the help of Dropbox.


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