Today, we started our lesson talking about our blog pages and why the instructor didn’t use Blogger. It is because Blogger can be banned because of one’s blog posts. Therefore, we are using WordPress for our course.

Topic of today was mobile learning. As almost every people use phones with android or IOS operating system, it is imperious to use mobile applications in language learning settings. Despite its high price, smart phones should be obtained by everyone. They can be used for many classroom activities as I learned from today’s lesson. Edmodo, Feedly, WordPress, Merriam Webster are applications related to our lesson and they have mobile version to download from app stores.

The most important and useful part of this lesson was Socrative in my opinion. It is a kind of application like asking a question to audience in Millionaire. Students don’t have to get an account for this application. A teacher gets an account and Socrative gives a room number to the teacher. Then the teacher gives this room number to his students. Teacher has chance to ask questions to the students in form of multiple choice, true-false, or short answer. Teacher publish a quiz for students and follow their answers at the same time of answering. Students can use a nickname and don’t feel anxiety for being criticized about their mistakes. It is so practical and useful for classroom use. When the activity ends, the teacher can save the file to see students’ response and progress.

Space Race: It is an enjoyful activity that Socrative serves. Students are divided into maximum 10 groups and do a race that the teacher starts in this interactive medium.

Socrative and its applications motivate the students to participate in the lesson actively and eagerly. It motivated even me today. It doesn’t require to stand on the same setting; it can be applied synchronously from different places. So, the teacher can give quiz to the students sitting his home.

The other and last topic of today was QRCode. Its name is unfamiliar but I already know it’s visual. And I noticed I don’t know for what it is used. At the end of the lesson I was clear about it. I think I learned how to create and use it. It requires use of an android or IOS phone because these phones get Code Reader applications to get benefit from this QRCode application. It is an application working as adding links, informations, or whatever you want to a written document. A teacher can prepare a worksheet for students and wants to give a video related to this sheet. To supply this need, teacher creates a code, download it from the site and paste it on Word file. When the students get copy of this sheet they take photo of the code and see whatever added to their sheets. QRStuff.com is the site of creating new codes. Loading created codes are free from this site. There is no need to log in to get benefit. Its mobile applications named as QRCode Reader and QRdroid.


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