Days passed and Monday came. Second Monday of March was the day of Wikis. The lesson included Wikipedia, PBWorks, and Google Documents. To start with Wikipedia we can say it likes an attendance sheet; the teacher gives it to the class, everyone writes on it, and then it goes back to the teacher. Finally the teacher decides who is there and who is absent. Wikipedia is like that: one or two administers take an account and open a title, then want their students or learner to write on this topic. Each user of Wiki has a chance to edit or save the documents. In addition to these facilities of Wiki, it is not a reliable source to find information about a topic. As it is used and changed by each user it may give us thoughts of the users not the truth about the topic. So, it can be a starting point to search something or to see what people are thinking on this topic.

Another kind of Wiki is PBWorks. There are plenty of attendees of this page. People open a new group and work on this group cooperatively. It is a useful application for classroom activities. It can be used in EFL classrooms to discuss on some topics related to the field, or to create a class project.

There are two important options on Wiki websites; edit and save. As I said before these options give the users chance to change content of the page. For example; a teacher opens a topic on one of these Wiki websites and adds his/her students to this page. The teacher asks the students to write what they know about this topic. Teacher will check their participation and evaluate them. When the students open the page, they see the option edit and they write their knowledge under the topic and they save what they write.

I used to afraid of the idea of using computer in classroom because of inefficient knowledge about data processing and computer technology. Today, I believe I will use them efficiently with the help of CALL course.

The last point of this lesson was Google Documents. Each Gmail user log in with their Gmail account to Google Documents. Google Documents stores one’s ppt, pdf, word, or excel files. As it happens in the other pages, two or more users can work one page of Google Documents. There is a difference from PBWorks; all attendees can work simultaneously on a page. In a PBWorks page, when one user works others cannot work; so, they have to wait till the first one complete his/her work.

Working at the same time and downloading files is another plus of Google Documents. If something goes wrong and one user delete the file, it can be reload because it was saved by the Google Documents.

To sum up this lesson I can say I am gaining important information in this class. I am looking forward Monday mornings to go the computer lab and take this lesson. And I am feeling  I am getting better for new classroom activities.


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