This was the second week of this term and the second meeting with the instructor for CALL course. What we covered in this lesson were WordPress, RSS, Feedly, Twitter, and Twitterfall.

To publish our reflections, we had gotten a blog account before the lesson. We examined all parts of WordPress to use its applications more easily. First of all, dashboard is applied to establish our blog. There are plenty of options to set blog page’s appearance and content. For example, we can change our tagline to express our thoughts or anything that we desire to seen under our names. Tagline is our slogan. As the instructor said maximum 10 people can use a blog account as admin. That means I and my friends can get a mutual blog account to publish our experiences in a mutual medium when we become teachers. However, Blogger permits 100 people to manage one blog. The instructor gave some people’s names in the field of using these blogs actively and mutually. These people publish their classroom experiences in their blogs. They write their reflections of their lessons and share them with other people. One of these people’s name is important; Özge Karaoğlu. It is because she got a prize for her reflections on her blogs. The lesson that I took from this that I should follow ELT department teacher’s blogs to get new and experienced ideas to apply them in my class. Also, I can publish my own experience in my blog if I apply an original idea in my classroom.

As we continue to customize our WordPress blog page, we can change themes, appearance, etc. And we can add new links, media, posts, or we can edit our published posts. The most important part of it is publishing and editing posts. There is an option named Stats that shows us how often our blogs have been seen by others, and from which part of the world it has been seen. Therefore, WordPress serves us a good chance to publish our thoughts on an online medium and to be seen from all over the world. By the way, we can make the world hear our voice by the help of WordPress.

Another internet-based application that we had a glance at was RSS and its new version Feedly. Feedly is used to follow new uploads when we log in with our gmail account. We can add another blogs of friends, sites that upload their current content everyday such as BBC, Times, or other pages that are related to ELT department from all over the world. So, we can follow new posts of our friends and new development of our own field.

As all of us know, Twitter serves us a chance to follow important people. I learned a new thing that I hadn’t heard before the lesson. It was Twitterfall.  It seems a real fall. When we log in with our Twitter account and type current topic with # (keyword), all the tweets that were written with this keyword 3 kilometers around us fall in our screen.

As I expect, this course gives lots of chance us to improve our knowledge about internet and its uses in ELT classrooms. When I listen to the instructor ideas about using these applications in my class flash in my mind. And I know that at the end of this semester, I will have gained a remarkable amount of ideas to apply in my own field in the future.



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