Use technology in language learning classrooms is not an undeniable fact in recent years. By the developments in computer technologies, all courses and course practices have been based on computers. The new generation of the 2000s knows this kind of technologies better than the previous generation. In this case, the old generation needs an introduction to uses of computers for classroom.

Today, we are pre-service teachers and the previous generation of the 2000s. As we do not know all uses of computer, we need to get a course for it. For this purpose, Computer-Assisted Language Learning course will be beneficial for us in this semester.

By the end of this course, we will be able to use computer to teach language, to provide learners authentic language use environment. I strongly believe that attending the class regularly will empower our knowledge in the field of computer usage. I know using computer does not mean accessing some kind of social network sites; in contrast, it means to access interactive technologies in language teaching and learning.

By the help of this course, we will be informed about current developments on Computer-Assisted Language Learning applications. We also gain an ability to design our own web-based language learning medium with this course. In my opinion, CALL course has a great amount instrumentality for us as pre-service teachers while we are getting ready to become a teacher.


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